Microsoft Excel 2016 – Arrange

Microsoft Excel 2016 –  Arrange you can do bring forward or send backward your selected object.

Microsoft Excel 2016


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Bring Forward

Bring selected object or all the other objects forward one level or bring to front.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Send Backward

Send selected object or behind all the other objects back on level or send to back.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Selection Pane

Display the selection pane to see a list of your objects, change their order, or change visibility.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Align Objects

You can change placement selected objects on the page. It will align them relative to one another.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Group Objects

If a single object then you join objects together to move and format.

Rotate Objects > Selected objects you can rotate or flip.

You can also read Microsoft Excel 2016 – Sheet Options

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