Microsoft Excel 2016 – Defined Names

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Defined Name groups, you can change the name that is using in functions.

Microsoft Excel 2016

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Defined Names

Name Manager

You can create, edit, delete, and find all names that are used in functions on your spreadsheet. A name used in formula this is for the cell reference. So easily find a particular name that you want to change then you can edit or delete those names.

When you click on Name Manager Commands then you get the following screen. Here you can create, edit, delete the name that you want to change or create a name.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Define Name

You can use this command define and apply name, where are you want to apply or define the name.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Use in Formula

You can choose a name in your spreadsheet this one is used in a spreadsheet and you can insert into the current formula.

Create from Selection

Here you can generate a name automatically from the selected cells. You can use keyboard short cut key Ctrl + Shift + F3 using this command. You can choose to use the text in the top row or leftmost column.

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