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Object in C#

In C# Classes are concepts; C# Objects are real world entity for example computer, tab, bike, chair etc. Using class instances created Objects. C# Object is stored real values like a named variable or in an array or collection in computer memory. Object is hidden in internal representation from the view outside objects. In C # “New” keyword is used to create and Object.

C# language is an Object-Oriented programming language. Object is a runtime activity and Object is crated runtime. C # program runtime creates many objects, which are interacting by invoking methods. Object is called also instance and Objects are instances of classes. A class creates an object in memory about the methods, variables and behavior of that class. Object is just a block of memory allocated that can also be stored in the form of Variables, Array or a Collection.

For example

We will create a program for employee details. We need to create an entity for employee. Now Employee is a class and employee has four properties like that emp id, emp name, emp age, emp salary. In programming employee is represent, so we create a class Employee with their four properties like ID, Name, Age, and Salary these are also called members of a class.

Here are some classes members like methods, delegates, constructors, events, properties, and fields and these classes member can be private, protected, and public (When we access the members of sealed class, then we need to create the Object of the class). Public properties also accessed by outside of the class. So object is an instance of class and class needed many instances like John is an instance of Employee. John is an object in real programming. The ID, Name, Age, and Salary properties of John (Employee) are emp201, John, 28, $35000.

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Another example is

Employee e1 = new Employee (); //here are we creating an object of Employee. 

In this example, Employee is the type and e1 is the reference variable that refers to instance of Employee class, so the new keyword allocates memory at runtime. 

Abstraction is a process of identifying data of an object. If we need to transport an Object through network then we need to convert the object into a stream of bytes, for this converting an object process into a stream of bytes it is called a serialization. Object Pooling in C # .Net allows an Object to keep in the memory pool, so the Objects can be reused without recreating them.

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About Object following are some concepts:

We create an Object using “New” keyword, but in Struct no need to create object by “New” keyword.

String is an immutable object and StringBuilder is a mutable object in C sharp. In current String Chars get the Char Object, also Length gets the number of Objects. 

When we understand runtime, Object reference is null then this method is a Static method.

“is” operator use to check the object type in C sharp.

“as” operator use for casting of object a type or a class in C sharp.

Metadata refers to information about Objects in C sharp.

When we implement reflection, then first step we get the type of the Object.

Generic class is used to create Classes or Objects which don?t have any specific data type.

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